Periclase-carbonaceous products are used for lining of steel teeming ladles.

The products are laid on wooden pallet, laid with cardboard sheets, protected with cardboard angles along the perimeter, wrapped with stretch-film and bundled with polypropylene (or polyester) strip.
Parameter descriptionValue
Grouppericlase-carbonaceous (С 2-40%, MgO ≥ 60%)
Refractoriness valuefire resistance (1580 to 1770°С)
Porosity degreehigh dense (Ptot 3-10%)
Heat treatment methodburnt
Molding processsemidry forming
Binding type 1with inorganic binders
Binding type 2ceramic
Intended purposerepair/construction
scope of applicationfor lining of steel teeming ladles
Parameter descriptionValue
Al2O3, %3-5
Apparent specific gravity, g/сm3≥ 2,88
CaO, %≤ 2
Compression ultimate strength, N/mm2, not less than35
Interconnected porosity, %, not more than6
MgO, %≥ 88
SiO2, %≤ 2
Total carbon weight content (С), %10-13
FormArticle No.Additional informationPhoto
customer drawing
FormArticle No.Dimension, mmDrawing
customer drawing