The company GIR-INTERNATIONAL represents interests of four largest Ukrainian refractory plants:

- KDZ;
- Velikoanadolsky Refractories Integrated Plant;
- Druzhkovka Refractory Plant;
- Krasnogorovka refractory plant.

Having long-term strong ties with large enterprises of metallurgical complex, coke-chemical, glass industry, construction engineering sector, heat power industry, machine-building industry, as well as due to own facilities that produce chamotte, high-aluminous, magnesian, silica and other refractories, out company performs complex supplies of refractories for lining of smelting, teeming aggregates and other furnaces with application of high quality refractory products.

As of today, GIR-INTERNATIONAL – is the qualified complex supplier of refractories for converters, steel teeming, tundish ladle, functional and specialized refractories for steel teeming, as well as other heat aggregates.

We have qualified personnel for maintenance of products at metallurgical plants and broad opportunities of maintenance of refractory products in other industry sectors.