Refractories for sugar factories
GIR pays special attention to development of cooperation with the enterprises of sugar industry. Our laboratories constantly perform researches, directed at improvement of existing and implementation of new technologies in sugar sector.

The main attention is paid to solution of the following issues:
• improvement of durability and service life of refractory lining
• reduction of materials specific consumption
• simplification of lining application process
• materials environmental compatibility.

There were performed successful tests of the proposed by GIR company refractory lining for possibility of its usage as heat insulating layer of lightweight brick. The tests demonstrated the possibility of increase of performance of existing lime burning furnaces of beet sugar factories by 25-30% at the account of lining thickness reduction. As a result – increase of area of horizontal section of furnace shaft. Usage of other heat insulating materials (perlite, diatomite) is impossible due to burning temperature conditions.
The proposed refractory lining service life is not less than 4 years, and of heat insulating layer – not less than 4-8 years.